1000 Books Before Kindergarden

Bee a Ready Reader!

Read 1000 Books Before Kindergarten! Parents of children age birth – 5 years are encouraged to sign up for this reading readiness program.  This exciting new program is designed for pre-school children and their families. People often believe that children learn to read and write in Kindergarten or first grade. However, developing literacy skills begins at birth through everyday interactions such as talking, singing, pointing out and naming objects, sharing books, telling stories, playing together and so on. Families, parents, grandparents, and older siblings play a huge role in helping young children be ready for and succeed in Kindergarten. Early literacy activities in everyday interactions at home, at daycare, anywhere, produce children who are ready to learn and succeed in school and beyond.

Sign up at the library any time and receive information, a book bag and a book log!

1000 books? Before Kindergarten?
This sounds like a lot, but…if you read 3 books a day for a year. you and your child will have read 1095 books in one year! With older siblings, and grandparents reading as well, and books heard at library story time or daycare, the titles will add up fast! And because children love repetition and have favorite stories, if a book is repeated, and it will, you may count it as many times as you read it!